Case study of introduced products

Implementation of HDD Durability Test in which the power supply of a HDD is turned on and off.

Case Study

Amusement Apparatus Manufacturer

Problem Background

At the game centers where many HDDs are installed in game machines, the power supplies of which are turned on / off by a breaker at every shop opening and closing everyday. Sometimes the customers have experienced the malfunctions of game machines associated with HDD’s failure. So they requested to evaluate each HDD/SSD’ durability by On/Off operation of power supply and select a qualified HDD/SSD.

Our Proposal

We offered to evaluate an individual HDD/SSD by our SMART TESTER for 6G which is capable of the various types of power supply evaluation.

Customer Voice

The game machines’ malfunctions at shop opening have disappeared and their operation rate have been improved. Their maintenance expenditure have been curtailed.

Product which the customer purchased.