for 6G

SMART TESTER for 6G is a tester which can evaluate and analyze the SSD’s performance and reliability.

<Support Interfaces>

  • SAS II(Option)
  • PATA(Option)


Selection, Evaluation, Incoming Inspection and Failure Analysis of Storage Media

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Hardware & Software

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Service business

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(HDD/SSD evaluation machine)

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  1. Capable of flexible conduct of highly technical evaluation with the dedicated scripts
  2. Capable of proposing an evaluation method which enables an enhanced reproducibility when analyzing defective drive
  3. Capable of easy-to-understand display of Drive’s performances by a graph
  4. Capable of Drive’s power control/measurement(Power shutdown, Varying voltage)
  5. Capable of conducting the global standard tests complying with SNIA SSS/PTS for Drive’s function
  6. Capable of combinational proposal with an environment Test chamber
  7. Capable of consultation on drive’s evaluation (Please consult us because optional functions are also available.)

Main Functions

Capable of conducting a global standard benchmark test

Global Standard Tests can be conducted easily.

  • TBW Test (for Enterprise & Client)
    Evaluation of write endurance by JEDEC 218,219.
    • Endurance
    • Data Retention
    • Read Disturb
  • SNIA SSS PTS (for Enterprise & Client)
    Evaluate the marginal performance when the steady state is reached.

Vender Unique Access Test

  • Basic Information Control
    • SMART Data User Threshold Value Setup/Judgement
    • Capacity Clipping(HPA, DCO, ACS3 Method)
    • Format(Secure erase, Sanitize, Trim)
    • Que Depth Control
  • Writing Durability Evaluation
  • Function Evaluation
  • Degradation Access Evaluation(Swing, Butterfly, Accordion)

Substantial Power Management

Evaluation is conducted under the intentionally hazardous environment such as noise, oscillation, etc.
The behavior of media is monitored by the graphs of measured data.

  • Power ON / OFF(Transition Time Control)
  • Power Shut Down Evaluation (Data Retention)
  • Electric Power Saving (Dev. Sleep, CLK Req) (Small amount of electricity continuation(μA) Function Support)

Displaying drive performances by a graph intelligibly

All test results are automatically logged and can be displayed in GUI mode such as graphs. This is optimal for long time data collection and benchmark test.

The graphs show the comparison of performances in the case of vibration were applied to the one drive. This enables to superimpose the new data on the auto-stored past data for comparison and to compare two drives in real time.

Drive Performance Benchmark Evaluation

It is accessible under the various kinds of conditions to measure the drive performance and IOPS.
This enables to compare a drive’s performance.

  • Seqential Read
  • Random Read + NCQ
  • Seqential Write + NCQ
  • Random Read
  • Seqential Write
  • Random Write + NCQ
  • Seqential Read + NCQ
  • Random Write

Current/Voltage Measurement and Variable Function

Drive’s current and voltage are measurable and the applied voltage is variable optionally.(10mV Step) They can be measured every 125μs sampling interval and the peak hold value can be accurately measured.

Current Voltage Measurement Graph

Operability Is Accepted By Various Users

Simple Test Mode Enables Easy-To-Understand Operation

The combinational function of Selectable method among multiple test conditions is originally equipped with.
Anyone can easily operate due to GUI function.

Sufficient Functions Are Accepted By Many Engineers

Combination of scripts enables customers to create their original test.
The tester is originally equipped with the various types of script debug function which creates their own test more smoothly .
Upon customer’s request, we are happy to assist your script creation.

Combination Proposal With Environment Test Chamber

HDD is affected by usage environment a lot and might cause a deterioration or malfunction.
It is important to select an optimal HDD in consideration of usage environment because it varies depending on a manufacturer or a model.
We can propose the various types of test like in which SSD is operated in temperature variation of the environment chamber.
Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Example) Fixture Tower(8 ports), Operating Temperature range 0 ~ 70℃, Vibration/Gas Generation preventive measures are available

Deployment to small burn-in test equipment for SSD

It can be deployed to a small burn-in test device (SSD compact burn-in test system) for SSD evaluation.
We propose to improve the reliability of SSD by performing evaluation while synchronizing with temperature.
We will provide various custom products, so please feel free to contact us.

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  • 温度制御範囲:常温~85℃
  • 空間温度偏差:±2℃
  • 接続SSD数 :4台


Application to Mass production Type

It is applicable for a large equipment in use of mass production process.
We can provide with enhancement proposal of the drive’s reliability by the test in which we evaluate it under synchronized temperature and humidity.

<Burn-in Test Equipment>

  • Temperature Control Range
    At No Load : (Room Temperature+10℃) up to +65℃
  • Temperature Accuracy At Steady State : within ±3℃
  • Number of Connectable Drive : 192 ports / equipment(2.5inch)

<Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing Equipment>

  • Temperature Control Range
    At No Load : Temperature -35℃ ~ +90℃
          Humidity  5%RH ~ 95%RH
  • Temperature Accuracy At Steady State : within ±3℃
  • Number of Connectable Drive : 64 ports / equipment(2.5inch/3.5inch)




Model Type S64PV1-F3
Interface SATA III, SAS II(Option), PATA(Option)
Evaluation Device HDD : 3.5inch/2.5inch
SSD : 2.5inch / M.2(2230-22110)
CompactFlash / Cfast / mSATA-F3
Input Power Supply AC95~245V 50/60Hz
Outer Dimensions W259*D258*H58mm

Specification may change without notice. A Personal Computer is not included in the system configuration.
Please contact us regarding the control performance and measurement resolution.

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