HDD/SSD Copy System, Data Erasure System

We integrates necessary functions and pursue the maximum efficiency. We offer our "Just One" custom-designed product. We have listened to the requirements by "real voices" of engineers' and workers' who are actually engaging in and integrated them into our product. We provide an ideal product which is impracticable to realize by conventional products in the total production system of copying & screening service works. We provide an optimal system proposal for customers who want to realize the special specifications such as DD image data storage and data network system setup in consideration of their circumambient network.

Centaurus Series(HDD/SSD Copy and Erase Equipment)

Our Centaurus series are the equipment which erase the written data and copied(duplicated) data by overwriting on HDD/SSD.
They are the high performance and highly functional equipments which were developed for an industrial use. They have integrated the necessary functions and pursue the maximum efficiency.

<Support Interfaces>

  • PCIe
  • SATA
  • SAS
  • SCSI
  • PATA(Option)

<Support Protocols>

  • NVMe
  • AHCI


  • Data Copy
      Copy Method

    • Physical Copy
    • File copy
    • Capacity Clipping
    • DD Image Copy
    • Differential Data Extraction Copy
  • Data Erasure
      Erasure Method

    • ALL_0 Write
    • Meta Erase
    • Secure Erase
    • NSA(The United States National Security Agency Method)
    • DoD(The United States Department of Defense Standard)

    • AFSSI(Air Force System Security Instruction Method)
    • NAVS(The United States Department of the Navy Method)
    • VSITR(The German Standard Method)
    • GUTMANN(The Gutmann Method)
    • Combination of Different Types of Writing Method(N Cycle & Any data)
  • Other Functions
    • Capacity Clipping(SATA, PATA)
    • Screening of HDD/SSD Equipment
    • Hash Value Generation
    • Execution Log Auto Storage
    • SMART Data Acquisition/Threshold Value Determination
    • Data Network Distribution
    • Issuance of Erasure Certificates

Support Media

HDD(2.5/3.5inch), SSD(2.5inch/M.2), mSATA, Cfast. CompactFlash

Lineup(specification table)

Products Details of Centaurus Series Specification Table

Image Photos of Each Product Lineup

3:16 Copy Model
2:10 Copy Model
2:9 Copy Model
1:3 Copy Model
1:13 Cfast Special Model
1:5 Copy Model(for SCSI)
1:15 Copy Model
1:7 PCIe(NVMe)
M.2 Special Copy Model
(Optional Addition of SATA(4 ports) is available)