• Imagination and creativity, the truthful manufacturing extends to.
  • The truthful manufacturing ODM/EMS+Business

    We want to make it much better!
We respond to this voice in our entire process of product development through manufacturingWe want to make it much better!
We respond to this voice in our entire process of product development through manufacturing


Why can Hirota understand
their client's requests

Proposal Skills

The best solution will be provided to our customers based on our in-depth analysis and our understanding of the essence of problems.
Please feel free to contact us with any requests or problems you may have.

  • We want to proceed with product development but we do not have enough resources of our own.
  • Due to the EOL(End Of Life) of electronic device we can not continue our product's production.
  • We want to review the product cost by consolidating or eliminating several types of products.

Why can Hirota continue
to offer high quality
and reliable products truthfully?

One-Stop Service Enhances Manufacturing System

We can provide our one-stop service from product design and mass production to delivery inhouse in a lump. Our experts who have a lot of experience at each process are in charge of providing the high quality products.

  • We want to know a whole flow from a quotation till delivery.
  • We want to know the difference of process between ODM and EMS.

Why does Hirota persist in manufacturing products which are always better and right?

the Best Partner

We are aiming for the best partner of our customers on whom they can rely on the whole process from product design, parts procurements, PC Board assemblies, prototype assemblies, products assemblies to after-sales maintenance securely, and we respond to various kinds of requests.

  • We want to remove our concern of an end-of-life (EOL) device.
  • We want to review the product's essential functions or the product's total costs.
  • We want to consult about shortening the production lead time or the minimum order quantity.

Our technology and equipment

Hardware control circuit design Filter circuit, Weak signal processing circuit, FPGA control, PWM control, Linear control, Hydraulic control, Feedback control
Software development language C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Java Script(HTML)vExcel VBA
Interface SCSI, SAS, FC, SATA, PCI express, PATA, LAN(TCP/IP,UDP)
Application Web applications (ASP, etc.), Standalone applications (GUI), DLL program, Linux driver modification
3D CAD Solid Works
3D printing (modeling) Stratasys F370 (FDM method)
3D scanning (measurement) Keyence VL-500
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