HDD/SSD Other Solutions

We support our customers with our own developed special equipments. We have developed and marketed many products as a specialty engineering manufacturer of HDD/SSD test/evaluation equipments and the related products. Based upon these equipments experiences, we are providing the diversified solutions and services which are oriented toward optimizing our customers needs. In the storage media industry which is enlarging the storage capacity and complicating year by year, we are aiming to respond to our customers' requirements with our quick support for the latest interface. As a "consultant" we can also provide the solution proposal for customers' problem solving requirements such as evaluation method and screening standard by exerting our know-hows of Drives at the maximum which we have cultivated for long time.

HDD/SSD Screening Service

HDD might be damaged or its quality could be deteriorated by vibration during transportation because it consists of the precision parts.
Additionally because individual Drive’s characteristics fluctuate differently, there might be possible mixture of low quality Drives at delivery.
It is important to eliminate any initial or potential defective drive in an early stage and assemble a selected quality HDD.


  • Full Surface Write Read Inspection
  • Write Read Access Time Inspection
  • S.M.A.T. Data Threshold Value Determination
  • ATI Inspection 
    *Adjacent Track Interference = Phenomena that is the magnet field which a head generates in writing data on a disc affects the data of adjacent track


Capable of conducting an individual Drive’s quality evaluation at incoming inspection, performance check or screening of initial defect
Capable of providing the proposal of Drive’s screening program in consideration of Drive’s usage and operating environment

HDD/SSD Data Copy Service

Capable of proving high speed copy service of high capacity Drive
In addition to full surface copy/file copy, capable of reducing large amount of time such as tact time / lead time by a special intelligent copy
Capable of transmitting safe and quick master data remotely either in domestic or overseas location by means of establishment of our own developed high speed network communication system with customer.

HDD/SSD Data Erasure Drive Disposal Service

<Information Leakage Protection>
When PCs/Servers are replaced or disposed, large amount of personal or corporate important data are still left in the many HDDs. Those data are left even after only PC operation of “Delete data / file to Recycle Bin”. If PC and storage media are disposed as is, there are fears that the data might be leaked out to the third party.

We are providing 3 different types of data protection methods.
Please protect your data leakage by means of safe and secure data erasure.

Erasure Method

  • Overwriting Method
    The original data are erased by overwriting meaningless numeric character on the full surface of media.
    We have the following different types of erasure process menu.

    • ALL_0 Write
    • Meta Erase
    • Secure Erase
    • NSA(The United States National Security Agency Method)
    • DoD(The United States Department of Defense Standard Method)
    • AFSSI(Air Force System Security Instruction Method)
    • NAVS(The United States Department of the Navy Method)
    • VSITR(The German Standard Method)
    • GUTMANN(The Gutmann Method)
    • Combination of Different types of Writing Method(N Cycle & Any data)
  • Physical Destruction Method
    The platter which data are written and a control PCB are destroyed physically to be unable read the data.
  • Magnetic Destruction
    The strong magnetic field is applied to a platter of HDD on which the data are stored with N/S pole formation, then the original data formation is forced to adjust in one meaningless direction and erased completely.
    The whole HDD data of B4 size PC can be destroyed completely.

HDD/SSD Capacity Clipping Service

We implement the clipping(HPA/DCO/ACS-3) on the customer specified capacity.

HDD/SSD Characteristics Evaluation/Failure Analysis
Evaluation Consultant Service

<Characteristics Evaluation>
Our evaluation and analysis can be conducted for each manufacturers models’ characteristics and durability from the different angles.

  • Writing Durability
  • Performance/IPOS Measurement
  • Vibration Resistance Characteristics
  • Power Supply Characteristics
  • Constant Temperature and Constant Humidity Environment Evaluation

<Failure Analysis>
You might have experienced a poor reproducibility of returned defective Drive when you analyzed it.
Our own evaluation program enables you to improve the reproducibility of failure and your failure analysis process.
(We can not ensure that you might have 100% of effective probability because the failure mode depends on each Drive’s condition.)

<Evaluation Consultant>
We are happy to support your evaluation plan by means of providing a proposal of each evaluation/analysis method and the evaluation scripts.