A through process of Electronics / Mechatronics Products' Design/Proto-type/Evaluation/Mass-production can be achieved.
  • Design of Digital Circuit / Power Electronics Circuit / Analog Circuit
  • Development of Software / Firmware / Application
  • Design of Chassis / Mechatronics
  • Parts Procurement / PCB / PCBA / Mass-Production

Hardware Design such as Embedded Micro-Processor/FPGA/Weak Voltage Detection Circuit/Filter Circuit and Inverter Circuit can be achieved. When facing a problem such as unavailability of electronics parts caused by EOL(End of Life), Please rely on us to renew design of system device or product.

We pursue the best balance of QCD(Quality/Cost/Delivery).

  • Our persistence in Manufacturing The product value and competitiveness is determined in the process of product concept consideration which becomes an origin of manufacturing. Our engineering's integrated power persists in the first step of manufacturing.
  • One Stop Factory Service Our plentifully experienced experts commit to provide with our high quality products from design / evaluation of proto-type through mass production of small-volume in great varieties of kind.
Proposal of Concept / Quotation
Proposal with the best balanced QCD
Development / Design
Our integrated technological power enables quick design achievement.
Prototype / Evaluation
Brush-up Proposal for Mass Production
Parts Procurement(Electronics Devices/PCBA/Chassis)
EOL(End Of Life) / PCN(Parts Change Notice) Alternative Parts Proposal
Production(Assembly / Reliability Test)
Design Change Feedback as Productivity Improvement proposal
Delivery / Support
EOL / PCN Control Continuous Monitoring for Environment Directive Compliance

Precise Device Substance Control

  • Investigation for Compliance of Certain Hazardous Substances in the products parts We conduct the investigation of each product based on each Environment Directive requirements such as RoHS/REACH, etc.
  • Pre-notification of EOL(End Of Life) / PCN(Product Change Notification) We will immediately obtain an information on EOL of electronic devices or 4M Change(Man, Machine, Material, Method) which will cause any impact on customers' production stability and inform of it. We will provide our customer with our proposal on an alternative device with technical data or any necessary design modification.
  • Precise Control of Important Secured Devices The important secured device is defined as a device which is not allowed to "change" nor to "discontinue". They are precisely controlled in accordance with CDF List(Construction Data Form).

Our technology and equipment

Hardware control circuit design Filter circuit, Weak signal processing circuit, FPGA control, PWM control, Linear control, Hydraulic control, Feedback control
Software development language C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Java Script(HTML)vExcel VBA
Interface SCSI, SAS, FC, SATA, PCI express, PATA, LAN(TCP/IP,UDP)
Application Web applications (ASP, etc.), Standalone applications (GUI), DLL program, Linux driver modification
3D CAD Solid Works
3D printing (modeling) Stratasys F370 (FDM method)
3D scanning (measurement) Keyence VL-500