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Basic Policy of Information Security

Hirota Seisakusho Limited (hereafter we) shall protect the customer’s information assets entrusted to us as well as our own information assets from any threats such as accidents, disasters, crimes, etc.
We work on our information security activity based on the following policy so that our customers and the society can trust us.

1. Top Management’s Responsibility
Our top management makes an effort to improve the company’s information security mind under its leadership systematically and continuously.

2. Our Inhouse Organizational Improvement
We establish an organization to maintain and improve our information security and enact our inhouse official standard to protect the information assets.

3. Our Employees’ Activities
Our employees acquire the essential knowledge and skills for the information security protection so that we can ensure our information security activities will protect the information security assets.

4. Observance of Required Items in the Ordinance and Contract
We shall conform to the ordinances, restrictions, standards and obligations in the contract so that we can respond to the customers’ expectation.

5. Actions for the Violation and Accident
In case of any violation of the ordinance or contract or any accident related to the information security, we will take appropriate action and make an utmost effort to prevent the recurrence of the same incident.

The Enacted Date: August 18, 2022
Hirota Seisakusho Limited
President and Company Representative Director