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Privacy Policy

Purpose of Personal Data

We may use Personal Data for the following purpose.

  • To reply to your inquiry
  • To send/deliver our materials you request by post or others
  • To notify you for the following business purposes
    • Information of Products
    • Information of Service/Maintenance
    • Information of Periodic Maintenance
    • Information of Exhibition, Campaign, etc.
    • Confirmation of Downloaded Contents, etc.

Collection of Personal Data

We may collect Personal Data by the following methods in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Download materials such as documents, etc.
  • Registration of Mail Magazine
  • Inquiry about our products
  • Inquiry about technical support
  • Support for repair/maintenance
  • Application of seminar
  • Inquiry about advertisement/articles of newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Answer, etc. to Questionnaire

Personal Data Management

We carry out employee training thoroughly to manage personal data appropriately and safely and act prevention of any danger such as the unjust invasion to personal data, manipulation, leakage by taking severe security measures about personal data received in our database.

Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Party

We may disclose personal data to the third party for repair maintenance.
Except for the above and compliance of law, we do not disclose personal data to the third party without customer’s prior acceptance.

About Cookies

“Cookie” is a short text file which is sent and stored to the browser of computer from the web sever when customer accesses to the website.
We may use the cookies to improve our web site by analysis of users’ usage.

About Disclosure/Stoppage, etc. of Personal Data

Please contact our general affairs department about disclosure / stoppage or any other issue of personal data by mail form or telephone.