SSD(PCIe) Burn-in Equipment

This is the equipment in which a burn-in test of SSD PCI Express compliant is implemented.

<Support Interfaces>

  • PCIe Gen4
  • PCIe Gen3

<Support Protocols>

  • NVMe 1.4
  • NVMe 1.3
  • AHCI


SSD Product Evaluation
SSD Product Reliability Evaluation


The maximum 96 pcs of devices can be tested at the same time.
The wide range of operating temperature(Ambient Temperature ~+75℃)
Supportive Drive’s interface are up to PCIe Gen3/NVMe 1.3
Drive’s power supply is available in 2 lines(3.3V, 12V)
Independent control and measurement of voltage/current can be implemented every port and line.
The synchronized test of temperature control/interface can be implemented.
The same scripts and application softwares of SMART TESTER for PCIe can be applicable.
The equipped LEDs at port indicate the test status and result.
Capable of supporting measurement of small amount current in the SSD’s low power consumption mode(L1.2) (Measurement accuracy:±5%rdg.±10dgt.:at 100μA~ 1mA)
Capable of customization of number of Ports, temperature range, etc.




Name PCI Express Compliant Burn-in Test Equipment
Part Number H96PB-P3F4
Chamber Outer Dimensions 1000mm(W)×1400mm(D)×1900mm(H) ※excluding the maximum protrusion
Installation Space 2400mm(W)×3550mm(D)×2000mm(H)
Installation Space 630kg
Operating Temperature Ambient Temperature: 22℃~28℃, Ambient Humidity: 20~80%RH ※No condensation shall exist.
Equipment Power Supply and Current Consumption 3 phase AC200V±10%, 50/60Hz
Current Consumption: 40A
Utility -
Safety Mechanism Preventive Excessive Temperature Rise Mechanism
Emergency Stop Button
Preventive Automatic Restoration Function After Emergency Stop or Power Outage
Number of Test Drives 96 Drives
Test Drive Type Type: PCI Express I/F Compliant SSD
Applicable I/F: PCIe Gen4 / PCIe Gen3
Number of Lane: 4 Lanes(Maximum)
Permissible Heat Load: 15W/port
Permissible Size: Add-in Card Type HHHL size (167.65mm(W)×111.15mm(D)×15mm(H))
※PC Bracket Type is not included.
Temperature and Humidity Control Range (Ambient Temperature +10℃) ~ +75℃
Temperature Accuracy within ±3℃(at steady state)
Humidity Accuracy -
Applied Voltage to Drive 12.0V line Output Voltage: 8.0V~14.5V 20mV
Step Variation Voltage Accuracy: Setup Voltage±100mV
Load Current: 3.5mA max.
3.3V line Output Voltage: Setup Voltage±100mV
Step Variation Voltage Accuracy: Setup Voltage±50mV
Load Current: 4.2A max
Drive's Power Voltage Measurement 12.0V line 0.0V~15.0V Measurement Accuracy±3%F.S. Resolution: approx. 7.9mV
3.3V line 0.0V~5.0V Measurement Accuracy±3%F.S. Resolution: approx. 3.5mV
Measurement Interval 125μsec~200msec interval(125μsec Step) Maximum 65520 samples
Drive's Power Current Measurement 12.0V line 0.0A~4.0A Measurement Accuracy±3%F.S. Resolution: approx. 2.0mA
3.3V line 0.0A~5.0A Measurement Accuracy±3%F.S. Resolution: approx. 2.6mA
Measurement Interval 125μsec~200msec interval(125μsec Step) Maximum 65520 samples

Above specifications may change without notice.