Case study of introduced products

Development/Delivery of a CF express Card Evaluation Equipment

Case Study

Camera Manufacturer
Cfexpress Card Development Manufacturer

Problem Background

The new standard(VPG4.0) was specified for professional use as a highly functional storage media. However the new evaluation equipment for the new media was not available yet. We were requested to develop it by the industry association “CFA” because they had apprised our performance till now.

Our Proposal

We provided our proposal that our proven SSD evaluation equipment SMART TESTER for PCIe was capable of evaluating the new standard VPG4.0. Then the customer accepted.

Customer Voice

We have had many discussions with the customer “CFA” in order to create the evaluation scripts and we have succeeded in evaluating Cfexpress to see whether or not it can satisfy the new world standard.
This have enabled the evaluation criteria of both manufacturer and its user to be identical and ensured the product quality assurance.

Product which the customer purchased.