Message from Recruiter

<High Level Engineering Capability to support Electronics Businesses>

We are conducting various kinds of system design, hardware design/software design, mechanical design and manufacturing based on our technologies which we have cultivated by the designs and productions of HDD/SSD Test/Evaluation equipments which are the highest technological level in Japan. We are the company who is aiming to respond to the customers’ needs which are diversifying and advancing day by day hereafter and aiming to adopt the latest technology.
We believe that our engineering power, development power, manufacturing power can support our Electronics businesses and our employees can feel the pride and the worth doing through their contribution to manufacturing.

<Productive Environment to raise employees’ talents>

We have the environment where any new and unexperienced employee can learn the talents/skills through training the actual operation of real products by experienced employees until he or she can stand on own feet.
Our self-development support is enriched by the support programs such as technological trainings, acquisition of a qualification relating to business, purchase of publications, etc.
Experienced employees are allowed to handle a business depending on their skills and their field of expertise. We will support them to improve their talents/skills as we expect them to make good use of their experience.


We are looking forward to challenges from those who want to improve their skills or those who want to widen their work area or those who have full of curiosity about something new.

Company Introduction

Now HDD/SSD are an indispensable storage device in an Electronic apparatus such as PC or Car Navigation, etc.
The apparatus manufacturer shall check them before assembly to see “whether of not they shall operate normally under the specific conditions”.

We are designing and manufacturing the HDD/SSD Test equipments.
Based on our engineering experiences which we have cultivated by those products designs for more than 60 years, we are promoting ODM/EMS businesses for various customers with the different products such as the truck crane controller, the vehicle detection equipment of traffic signal, etc.
We can contract a whole product development process from hardware, software, mechanical system design, or both customer and we can share the technical data for co-development of product.
These days we have made investment in plant and equipment such as purchase of 3D Printer and 3D Scanner, and an experiment building was newly built and established a business entity in Philippines to enhance our local service for our customer.