3D Scanner Measurement Service
(Keyence VL-500 Series)

We provide the 3D precise size measurement service of various three-dimensional objects.


Capable of Precise Measurement of Various Three-Dimensional Objects

Case Study of Measurement

Fixture Jig(ABS Resin) produced by our 3D Printer(Stratasys F370)

Fixture Jig
Measured 3D Data of Fixture Jig
①Distance between holes Measured after auto-detection of the center of holes
②Flatness Visualized in the value and color information
③Cross-sectional Shape Measurable without actual cut
①Distance between holes
③Cross-sectional Shape


  • Capable of scanning a large object from full 360 degree omni direction
  • Stable measurement result
  • High-precision measurement of complex solids
  • Measurable cross-section without destruction

Main Functions

Capable of 3D scanning and measurement from full 360 Degree omni direction

  • 2D Measurement/3D Measurement
  • Cross section measurement
  • Virtual line or Curved line(R Measurement) Measurement
  • Angle, Thickness Measurement
  • Geometric Tolerance Measurement
  • Report Output Function


Keyence 3D Scanner VL-500


Light Source for Measurement Blue LED
Display Resolution 0.1um
Repeat Accuracy 2um
Measurable Range φ500 x H200(Low magnification) φ110 x H50(High magnification)