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Centaurus Series Specifications Table

Lineup(specification table)

Item/Model Centaurus Series
Model H1702-CNTMN11 H1502-CNTCB10 H1603-CNT1100 H1609-CNT1600 H14001-CNT1900 H1801-CNTCB01 H1604-CNTCB02
Number of Connectable Drives/Equipment 4 6 12 16 19 14 8
The source Drive is extensible up to 3 Drives.(Number of the source and destination Drives are adjusted within supporting ports.)
Communication Specification SATA Option
(Maximum 4 ports)
SAS Option
SCSI Option
Connection Form Factor Standard 2.5inch 3.5inch 2.5inch M.2
Extension IDE, CF, mSATA, Cfast SATA 2.5inch/3.5Inch
Main Functions Data Copy Full, File, Clipping
Overwriting Erasure (14 kinds support)
Capacity Clipping, Capacity Assignment, cancellation
DD Image Copy (Option)
Auto Log Storage, Hash Value Generation, SMART Data Acquisition
Product Size(Any protrusion is excluded.) (W*D*Hmm) 285*220*86 340*170*430 511*147*641 423*168*483 495*220*505 300*200*301 330*approx. 236*402 523*224*463
Power Supply AC95~242V  47/63Hz
Operating Environment Room Temperature:20℃~40℃, Humidity:20~80%RH * No condensation shall exist.

Notice)Product/Specifications may change without notice.
A control PC is ordered separately.
Any conversion adaptor for each form factor extension is not included.
Please consult us about the number of ports and any functional customization.

Place Flat Type(4port)
Place Flat
Tiered Doll Stand
Place Vertical Type(16port)
Dedicated Slot Insertion Type(12port)
Dedicated Slot Insertion Type(19port)
Cfast Dedicated Type(14port)
PCIe M.2 Type(8port)
SATA Interface×4port