Message from President

「Our tireless challenge creates an excellent technology and it becomes immeasurable trust to be the source of technological innovation.」

Our origin was the MIKUNIYA HONTEN, HIROTA RAW SILK LIMITED was founded in 1870 who was a broker of trading raw silk. In 1958 my grand father decided to convert the business domain to the company of Electronics design and manufacture and I am the third generation.
Under our company policy of “Know the past and Create the future.(温故創新)”, we have experienced a wide range of technological achievements and have been delivering products and services which many customers have been pleased with.
At the present time we have the close relationship with not only many major companies but also technologically advancing companies. We are exerting our utmost efforts for our everyday designing and manufacturing activities to support the customers’ problems of “Special Trouble”, “Very Small Amount of Production” and “Employee Shortage”, etc. while imaging the customers’ smile.

We will continuously integrate the proven technologies and experiences which our predecessors had been cultivating since our company foundation into the new advanced technologies and are moving forward to contribute to the customers’ manufacturing and problems.

President and Company Representative Director