Company History

November1958 Hirota Seisakusho Limited was established.
Started production of Fixed-Resistors as a contract manufacturer of Fujitsu Limited Suzaka Works.
April1965 Started production of Magnetic Disc Storage Equipment Parts as a contract manufacturer of Fujitsu Limited Nagano Works.
September1978 Newly established the Electronics engineering / manufacturing department.
November1986 Built the Matsukawa Works in Matsukawa Rinkan Industrial Complex.
Electronics manufacturing department Moved to Matsukawa Works.
November1989 Built a workshop in the Matsukawa Works.
April1996 Newly built a clean room in the Head Factory.
May Newly built an office building in the Matsukawa Works.
September2001 Certified of ISO9001 1994 version.
May2003 Newly established EMS department. (Electoronics manufacturing service.)
September Certified of ISO9001 2000 version.
April2005 Certified of “Eco Action21”.
May Started Assembly of HDD Test Equipments in Thailand.
Contract Factory: Nissin Electric(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
November2007 Started the Solar Power Generation for inhouse use.
December Started sales of our own developed HDD Duplicator.
(Centaurus Series.)
December2008 Started sales of our own developed HDD/SSD Compact Size Evaluation Tester.
(SMART TESTER series.)
September2009 Certified of ISO9001 2008 version.
May2010 Started sales of SSD Burn-in Tester.
January2011 Started sales of Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Equipment of HDD/SSD.
January2012 Started sales of Servo Writer Equipment.
February2016 Integrated the Head Factory in the Matsukawa Works.
Built a new Engineering Building in the Head Factory.
August2018 Certified of ISO9001 2015 version.
October2019 Registered as a SDGs Promotion Company of Nagano Prefecture.
November2020 Built a new Experiment Building in the Head Factory.
January2023 Completed renovation of the interior in the Head Factory Engineering Building.Engineering interior renovation