3D Print Service
(Stratasys F370)

Stratasys F370 is capable of providing highly precise and affordable molding which is not available by a low price 3D Printer.


Please rely on us all process from 3D data creation till 3D printing.

Case Study of 3D Molding

Primary Electric Connection Jig
Thermocouple Assembly Jig
LED Display PCB Assembly Jig
Cable connector assembly jig
Cable Positioning Jig
Pincette Jig for Cable Test
Small Size Conversion Base Case
Rubber Packing Storage Hook
Battery Case
Connector Pin Extraction Tool
HDD Fixing Jig
  • High Strength
  • High Heat Resistance
  • UV Candidacy
  • Color

Molding Material Specifications

Material Name Features Color Lamination Pitch
ABS-M30™ General Purpose ABS Resin 9 Colors 0.127mm、0.1778mm、
ASA Candidacy Resin 10 colors 0.127mm、0.1778mm、
PC-ABS Mixed Resin of Polycarbonate and ABS 2 colors 0.127mm、0.1778mm、
ABS-ESD7 Antistatic Resin 1 color(Only Black) 0.1778mm、0.254mm
TPU 92A Elastomer Resin with Excellent Elastic Property 1 color(Only Black) 0.1778mm、0.254mm
DIRAN Nylon Resin with strength and Slippage Property 1 color(Only Black) 0.1778mm、0.254mm、0.3302mm
ABS-CF10 ABS + 10% Carbon, Excellent Cost Performance and Strength 1 color(Only Black) 0.1778mm、0.254mm、0.3302mm

Production Flow

Our dedicated staff hears the customer’s requirement and offers an optimal molding proposal.

[Sketch, 2D Drawings]
[Meeting, Proposal]
[Quotation, 3D Data Creation]
[3D Print Output]


  • Capable of highly precise molding which is not achievable by a low price 3D printer
  • Capable of complex shape molding by a meltable support material
  • Capable of metal parts insertion molding depending on conditions
  • Capable of 2-color molding by lamination control

Main Functions

  • Capable of speedy & precise 3D molding by multiple resins including general purpose resins
  • Capable of metal parts insertion molding depending on conditions
  • Capable of 2-Color molding by lamination control


Stratasys F370


Body Size 864mm(W) x 711mm(D) x 1626m(H)
Molding Range 355mm(W) x 254mm(D) x 355mm(H)
Accuracy ±0.200mm or ±0.002mm/1mm ※Molding at the bigger value among 2 values